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Added 23 Jan 2013 McGregor, Tara, Poppy, Beth, Zues, Freddie, Aika at Bishopton woodlands. Holly, McGregor, Aika,Skye, Zues, Alfi, Winston, Poppy at Fylayston after a walk. Sitting all well behaved and ready to go home. Aika, Tara, Beth, McGregor running free at Parklea.Having a good time with all their mates . Tara , McGregor, Beth , Skye. Sniffing, investigating, having a dip and just meandering in the Finlayston grounds. They were all puffing and panting by the time we got back to the van for a drink. McGregor Diving for rocks along with Skye and Tara running around in the background at Finlayston Up at Finlayston with Ed , Harry , Poppy , Zeus running around enjoying the sun.