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How does Lend or Befriend My Dog (LOBMD) work ?

LOBMD is a website, providing a secure platform to match You (The Lender) and your dog, with potential borrowers (Befrienders) through a secure matching process.

Lend your dog for walks, sleepovers, holidays at no cost other than subscription fee. Please see below for annual costs.

£10.00 per annual for (Befrie2nders)£ 24.00 thereafter

The Dog Owner (Lender) £35.00 per annual subscription

The secure website drives the match process, then human and canine arrange to meet see if you feel comfortable with the match. simples !

Do you have a well behaved Dog? Why not lend your dog to someone who will love him/her just as much as you do . So they can benefit form your hairy baby.

Who can use LOBMD it?

Anyone who loves dogs! 

If your a dog owner and would like to share your dog

Why not Lend your dog?

If your on your own and fancy a bit of company.

Why not Borrow a dog?

You might be a family who would love a dog however your work commitments or home life restrict your ability to manage one fulltime.

Why not Borrow a dog?

You may just want to walk in the park or beach with company rather than alone,

Why Not Borrow a dog?

Do you have kids who keep pestering you to get a dog and would like a trial period.

Why Not Borrow a dog?

If you would like to be a dog lender or a dog befriender or would like more information on how it all works Please contact Charlotte on mobile